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Sunday, February 19, 2012

christmas foot print art

I love the idea of creating a unique piece of personalized art, and having kids help.

it can get very messy, but they enjoy it!

Some small details added...

there are some spots that got smudged or the colors mixed, but that's part of the fun of crafting with kids- it's imperfect but personal and unique. 

I'll definitely be making more of these!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

decorative bottles / vases

 re-purposed wine bottles

a super simple and fast craft, and a great way to use interesting shaped wine bottles you don't want to throw away

Mod Podge (slightly watered down)
+ wine bottles
+ tissue paper (cut into smallish squares)

"paint" the tissue paper onto the bottles with the Mod Podge
once the paper dried I added a second coat of Mod Podge to seal the paper better and add a little shine

Friday, February 17, 2012

x o

hugs & kisses decoration

these will be decorations at a  friend's bridal shower :D

cheap wooden plaques from the craft store
+ scrap book paper (even the part that looks like crackled wood)
+ Mod Podge

honeymoon fund

honeymoon fund jar 

notice the jar has a big enough neck to allow money to easily be placed inside, yet small enough that hands cannot easily fit in :)

Mod Podge
+ printed out images: swallows, label, antique map
 (tons of antique map images can be found HERE)


Thursday, February 16, 2012


antique blue mason jars

I just absolutely love these and wanted to share them :)
there are many ways these can be used for decoration and storage, but I think they are perfect just sitting empty in the window of my kitchen.

wedding idea/memory box

Mod Podge
+ pretty box 
+ scrapbook paper
 + printed pictures and lettering
personalized box for collecting ideas and memories

lava cake

molten lava cupcakes

Deliciously gooey in the middle, crispy on the outside, rich all around.
Perfect with raspberries and vanilla ice cream :)

fat quarter fabric cakes

 Fat quarters rolled up, stacked around paper towel rolls, and topped with homemade pin cushions.

We added skewers to hold different colored spools of thread. 

glass vase/ candle holder

I made these for a Valentines dinner.

One stemless wine glass + one small dessert wine glass from IKEA. < They have many different shapes and sizes for great prices :)

Make sure you wash any residue or oils off of the glass.

The glue dries completely cleat! Try to push out any air bubbles, because they may be slightly visible.

Couldn't be any simpler!